The Stjørdal River

- with its tributaries Forra and Sona, is regarded as among the best fly-fishing rivers in Norway. It offers a total of 85 kilometres of high quality fishing and bears many similarities with River Tweed in Scotland.

The Stjørdal River, like most rivers in the Central Norway region, is well known for its big salmon and every year a good number of 15-20 kilo salmon are caught. Early June is the right time for the challenging 40-pounders on the lower parts of the river – coming in fresh from the sea. There are normally good runs of medium size salmon and grilse during July and well into August, and if the water level is right we usually have a good run of salmons in late August. The big ones can also be in a fighting mood in this time as they are preparing for the spawn. Over the last decade, good river management has provided a very good return of salmon and the river consistently features among the 10 - 12 best rivers in Norway.


Hembre Gård, which holds 2,1 kilometres double bank fishing, is one of the best beats on the river.
Eight to twelv guests are accommodated at Hembre itself. Some beats have a rota system is in place for fishing the different beats. The total annual catches of these beats is in the region of 200 salmon and the average weight is around 4-6 kilos. You also have a company card by the local SJFF when you fish Hembre. This opens for all the pools, about 15 km both bank fishing in both Stjørdal and Forra river.

The Hembre beat, 12 kilometres above the river mouth, has some excellent long stretches combined with good holding pools. In particular, the Home pool below the Hegra Bridge, includes a number of very god fly-fishing stretches. During the latter part of the season there are good opportunities for sea trout as well. In addition to salmon and sea trout fishing in the river, there are opportunities to fish for brown trout in local lakes.

Fishing tackle permitted are fly only. You order on weekly basis, changing day is Saturday. If you want guiding, this can be arranged. Look at this map for further information about the Hembre Beats or the video above.

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Many excellent fishing spots

Our Home Farm, Hembre Gård, owns the fishing rights to the 1600-metre long beat along both banks of the river, within easy walking distance from the farm.  

In addition, we have leased the Fuldseth beat, about a mile and a half upstream of the farm, where there are several excellent fishing spots. ( 500 metre both bank fishing )   A general description of the river, provided by our guide Christer, is included below, along with an interactive map of the beat and pools describing the individual fishing spots in more detail, some of these with photos and videos.

The fishing in the Stjørdalen River is, in general, much the same as the fishing in the other rivers in the Trondheim Fjord 

In early June we have the prime salmon run with the big fish coming in from the sea. This is followed by a good run of medium-sized salmon later in the month. In July and August there will always be fish standing in the holding pools, with some level of salmon runs continuing throughout the season. The fishing tactics vary according to the time of the season we fish, and will naturally also depend on the river’s water height and temperature. 

Let me explain in more detail the different tactics that I use for the different conditions and which flies and lines I know work for me. This is of course intended as guidance for anglers that are new to this stretch of the river, but hopefully also people who have been here before and even seasoned fly fishers will find some useful hints and tips here!  


In early June the river typically runs high and cold.  In these conditions the salmon are sluggish. The keywords here are deep and slow.  My strategy for this time of the year are often a sink1/2 or sink 2/3 and big tube flies. Salmon running up river from the Atlantic are often happy to strike as long as the bait is neatly presented right in front of them, which is why I like to use brightly coloured and highly visible flies, especially when the river runs really high.  

Later in June, the water levels are usually lower, so I reduce the size of the flies that I use, but stick with type one or two sinking lines in these conditions. I generally think that people fish too high in the water this early in the season; at least that’s my opinion!  

Tackle: Fly rods of about 14 foot are perfect for the early fishing; later on in the season we can reduce the size a bit unless the water is too high. The river current is quite strong on the whole stretch, so we need some resistance when the prize salmon shoots off downstream!  


I fish according to the conditions in both July and August. In general, I recommend fishing higher in the water and using smaller flies later in the season. This is general knowledge to most, but I might add that as the season progresses I like to use less flash and sparkle in my flies. The exception is if the river is muddy after flooding, this is when I want something flashy at the tip of my line.


  • Sunny and good weather: Grey&Green, Sillen, Green Highlander, Bag Limit Destroyer

  • Overcast, but clear water: Phatakorva Original, Bag Limit Destroyer, Sunray Shadow, Red butt, Vaheniva, Green Highlander variety (brown/black top wing on 75%), General Practitioner (GP)

  • Overcast, water slightly coloured: Phatakorva Orange, Sierrakhorva, Bag Limit Destroyer, GP

  • Coloured water: Flomflugan, General Practitioner (GP), Sierrakhorva

Sizes vary from large tube flies to tiny micro tubes, depending on the water levels and how high in the water I fish. I usually only use hook flies for light one-hand fishing, but people have also successfully used double fours and sixes at normal water heights in the Stjørdal river. 

Look at our google map with all the pools with details and videos here.

The old storehouse:

Hembre Gård was originally a traditional farm. Today it is a place for fishing and recreation in a beautiful landscape. The informal and relaxing atmosphere of Hembre Gård is a perfect place for relaxing og vacation where salmon fishing, activities, meals and accommodations are arranged. The conference room accommodates about 20 pax and has all technical equipment.

The upstairs dining room holds up to 30 pax and is ideal for family parties or business dinners. In the storehause is also a commonroom with TV, and much of the farms salmon history is displayed here.

The motel:

The motel has 9 apartments with 2 beds, full kitchen facilities, living room, bathroom with wc and shower. Bedding and towels are provided. You can make your own food or groups can order for meals, min. 5 persons. The meals are served in the farms storehouse, home made food with focus on tradition with variations. Other neccesary facilities is a fishing room for the rods, washing machine, drying room etc.

The Hembre Manor House is available for private groups. This large flat has 2 single and 3 double bedrooms, with a large commom bathroom. The flat is now redecorated in the old style with a large sitting room and kitchen. A laundry room and freezer are also availabe.


If you want to fish at the SJFF or only be here for recovery you can also stay at the motel or at the camping

The private stretch on Hembre Gard covers between 8-10% of the total annual salmon catch in the Stjørdal river.


The Hembre Gaard in Hegra is situated in the scenic valley of the River Stjørdal, close to the E14 truck road and only about 10 km east of the E6. 10 minutes from Trondheim Airport.


Mange fine fiskeplasser

Hembre Gård har selv ca. 1600 meter fiske på begge sider av elva i gangavstand fra gården.

Pluss at vi har leid til et vald som ligger ca. 2 km oppstrøms gården; ”Fuldseth” Her er flere kjente fiskeplasser og med SJFF kortet kan du starte fisket her på Nedre Lerfald. Nedenfor følger en generell beskrivelse av fisket fra vår Guide Christer, samt du har et klikkbart valdkart under hvor hver fiskeplass får sin beskrivelse. Noen med bilder og video. Nytt fra sesongen 2016 er et vald som vi har tilgang til annen hver dag i 12 timer. Valdet heter Saxevik og kan bookes for seg under de dagene du er her hos oss. I tillegg fikk vi også inn 2 vald oppstrøms Hembre; Bjørngaard valdene som virkelig leverte første år og har blitt meget populært. Klikk på kartet og du finner beskrivelse av alle våre fiskeplasser, med bl.annet noen videoer med litt "action" fra elva. 

Det generelle fisket i Stjørdalselva er likt fisket i de andre elvene i Trondheimsfjorden

Tidlig i juni er det oppgangsfiske etter storlaksen som gjelder, så kommer mellomlaksen sterkt utover i måneden. I juli og august står det alltid fisk i hølene samt at det er en viss oppgang gjennom hele sesongen. Det vil si at fiskestrategien vil forandre seg etter når på sesongen vi fisker, men selvfølgelig etter vannstand og temperatur også.
Jeg vil gå litt nærmere inn på de forskjellige strategiene jeg bruker under de forskjellige forholdene, fluer og snører jeg vet fungerer for meg. Dette er selvfølgelig ment som en veiledning til nye fiskere på denne strekningen, men også de som har vært her før og til og med de meget rutinerte kan forhåpentligvis finne noe nyttig her!


Det tidlige junifisket er ofte preget av stor og kald elv. Under slike forhold er laksen treg, og det er dypt og sakte som er stikkordene her. Strategien min er ofte synk 1/2 eller synk 2/3 og store tuber i denne perioden av sesongen. Oppgangslaks er ofte flinke å ta bare de får servert utstyret fint foran seg, derfor bruker jeg fluer som vises godt, spesielt ved skikkelig stor elv.
Utover i Juni minker normalt elva noe, jeg går ned i fluestørrelse men beholder en synkegrad eller to under disse forholdene. Jeg syns generelt folk fisker for høyt i vannet for tidlig på sesongen, men det er min smak!
Utstyr: Fluestenger rundt 14 fot under det tidlige fisket er perfekt, utover i sesongen kan man gå ned litt om vannstanden ikke er for høy. Det er godt drag i vannet på hele strekningen, det er greit å ha noe å holde igjen med når drømmefiske stikker nedstrøms!

Juli og August

Jeg fisker etter forholdene i både Juli og August. Generelt vil jeg anbefale å fiske høyere i vannet og med mindre fluer utover i sesongen. Dette er kjent for de fleste, men jeg kan også legge til at jeg bruker mindre flash og glitter i fluene mine utover i sesongen. Unntak er når elva er farvet etter flom, da vil jeg ha noe som vises på fortomen!

Fluer som virker:

  • Sol og fint vær: Grey&Green, Silden, Green Highlander, Bag limit Destroyer
  • Overskyet men klar elv: Phatakorva original, Bag Limit Destroyer, Sunray Shadow, Red butt, Vaheniva, Green Highlander variant (brun/sort overvinge på 75%), General Practitioner (GP)
  • Overskyet litt farget elv: Phatakorva orange, Sierrakhorva, Bag Limit Destroyer, GP
  • Farget elv: Flomflugan, General Practitioner (GP), Sierrakhorva
  • Størrelsen varierer fra store tuber til små microtuber, alt etter vannstand og hvor høyt i vannlagene jeg fisker. Jeg bruker som regel kun krokfluer ved lett enhåndsfiske, men mange har hell med doble firere og seksere under normal vannstand i Stjørdalselva.