Playa del Hembre again....

Photo: Christer Wiinamäki

Photo: Christer Wiinamäki

Nobody thought we should get the same conditions as last year again…, and it hits the same group as last year.

In consultation with them we agreed to close for fishing their week here at Hembre because of weather and water temeperatures and come back next year - hoping that their third try for week 31 will come back with plenty of water 2020 :-) . Until the situation changes we closed for C/R from Thursday 25 July, and we will open for fishing again as soon as water temperature drops.

"This weekend we have 35 degrees in the shade and prospects for 21-22 degrees in the water.Our opinion is that the rest of the lower parts and the side rivers not affected by colder water from the power plant should do the same, but that is not our call here at Hembre."

Yet the situation may now be saved for a while. The power company opened yesterday for 5-6 more m3 in the upper part of the main river, and they have some works going at the power plant from 1. August where they will probably release more water. Temperature coming from the power plant is from the bottom of the reservoir and holds around 4 degrees temperature and will probably affect on the lower parts of the river already this evening or tomorrow.

This message came a bit late for us, and could have affected our decision, but with the knowledge we had two days ago we couldn’t have done anything else but making the decision we did.

We really want to praise our fishermen for understanding and taking this message so sporty, changing plans for a week planned a year ago is not easy with plain tickets and accomadation booked in front.

"Sometimes you have to make some difficult decisions. We are aware that this has an effect on our turnover around the salmon fishing industry we are engaged in, but we regard this as a correct decision and long-term thinking with regard to both the salmon and the customers we will be dealing with in the future." 

The situation is the same in other rivers as well. We really must say that both Gaula and Verdal river deserves credit for being in front of the situation, they learned something from last year and had a plan if the same conditions should show up again. Maybe this will be a normal situation in some years from now…., We hope not, but we should be prepared for it.

Another thought around this is that fishing for salmon in the sea may continue independently…. Its been a really good season for us this year with a good run of big salmons, but we have not seen that continue with a run of our medium and smaller sized salmons.

"The death rate in June has generally been high for our river with good fishing conditions. With the loss of medium and small salmon, we think it can be difficult to achieve a somewhat larger number of spawning groups this fall."

Now some more happy news :-)

This year as last year Antti from Finland paid us a visit this week. And this year some days with his family. Antti wrote a really nice article about Stjørdal river and Hembre Gård after last year on his visit. This article we will post some time later, maybe already the upcoming week, when we get some involuntary vacation days here at Hembre :-)

Antti and his family brought also their mascot, here are some nice pictures from the family:


Thank you all for a very nice week again!

Best regards

Aksel, Beate and Hajas