Run of salmons slows down, but still good catches.

One of the largest salmons came this week.

Stefan Arnoldsson in “Svingen”  .

Stefan Arnoldsson in “Svingen” .

Nice fresh salmon 115 cm - 12,5 kg. 50 minutes struggle made it impossible for a C/R. Well done - good decision. Stefan has been fishing for over 50 years now at an age of 79. 

Catches Week 29 - 13 - 20 July:

Skjermbilde 2019-07-22 kl. 19.54.51.png

The catches are never evenly distributed. There were lots of lost fishes this week as well. We hope that everybody had a nice week, it seems like you had a good time both in the river and up on our farm.

Hope to see you all again next year, here are some more photos from the week, enjoy:

Best regards

Aksel , Hajas and Beate.

Tight Lines!