Happy New Year!

2018 was a good year for the Salmon in Stjørdal river.

The catches was at normal this year, around 2300 salmon for the whole river. Hembre Gaard have a part in this of 188 salmons which is about 8-9 % of the total with our 2,1 km both bank fishing. The catches will never be equally distributed, and there were those who had some bad luck this year coming on the weeks we had tropical summer and almost a dry river. We had a good run of salmons this year, the challenge was to find the right spot and fly to get them, because they were really jumping and showing themselves just to irritate… 70 years since we had a summer like this, we don’t think this will happen 2 years in a row. The average weight this year was about 5 kg. This shows a good run of medium size salmons this year, so we can only hope for a good year 2019 for the big ones.

The spawning was very good this year, the best ever since we started this around 20 years ago. We are really optimistic for the coming years. It happens a lot well locally and we are looking forward to the season 2019, which is also the international year of the wild salmon.

The season 2018 was almost booked up, except from some rods in late august. August has not been known for the best month for salmon fishing, but we have seen in the latest years that if you have some water ( which came in August this year ) you can have an adventure on the river bank at Hembre. We had youth fishing during the summer and also a special week only for ladies fishing. We have more and more guest asking for salmon fishing from both Europe and the UK. We are becoming an international destination for Salmon Fishing and will therefore try to wright most of our News letters in English in the future.

The season 2019 is now almost booked up already, there are still a chance to get a rod in week 34 ( 17 - 24 August ), just contact us if you have an interest in visiting us. Once you are in on a week at Hembre you are first priority to eventually get an earlier one on availability. 

Looking back at some moments 2018.

Some videos from 2018 made by “Hajas”:

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and we are looking forward to meeting old and new guests 2019.

Tight Lines!!

Hajas, Beate and Aksel